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Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers are the specialist arm of the Ten Percent Group of Websites, providing business broker services to law firms and accountancy practices for over 20 years. On the accountancy side we specialise in the sale and purchase of high street accountant firms, usually within the range of £50k turnover through to £2 million.

Drop us an email over – no obligation and no upfront fees; we can advertise your practice at no cost on our site and in our weekly email updates to accountancy practices and potential buyers. We do not charge sellers fees or advertising/marketing fees.

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We offer a unique approach to buying, selling and merging accountancy firms. Jonathan Fagan Business Brokers charge no upfront fees for making introductions for the sale, purchase or merger of an accountancy practice. The buying party contracts with us to pay a success fee if a deal occurs. The seller pays no fees at all. We are business brokers (as well as recruitment consultants) and have been working with accountants on sales, purchases and mergers for a number of years.

There are very few professional services available to assist accountants in buying, selling and merging firms at a reasonable rate and on a no-sale no-fee basis. One professional sales consultant charges £2,500 + VAT simply to consider your sale or merger before even progressing to advertising it – and then charges a percentage fee on top if successful. Others charge £500 to include your accountancy practice in a list on their website. We think this is unfair and unnecessary – you don’t pay an estate agent to sell your house before she has found you any buyers..why pay a business broker?

Valuations are best done when anyone is ready to consider purchasing your firm, but usually it is a fairly straightforward process – turnover, net profit, recurring fees, number of clients, types of clients and value of assets. The price anyone else will pay varies widely according to the practice in question.. – the location, the assets, the types of client you have, the number of staff you have working at the firm.

Drop us an email or give us a ring on 01824 780937 – what have you got to lose?

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NB: if you don’t want to identify your firm simply email us from a gmail or hotmail account (or similar). We can advertise your sale or purchase requirements to over 7,000 accountancy firms and add you to our regular updates.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. All parties sign confidentiality undertakings.
  2. We agree terms with the buyer.
  3. The buyer is provided with further information about the practice for sale.
  4. The parties meet or speak about plans and proposals. These can be as varied as the partners/directors of the selling firm joining the buyer’s practice or the sellers accepting a lump sum in cash to exit the business.
  5. A deal is reached. The buyer pays us an introduction fee. This varies according to the sale/purchase in question. The seller pays no fee.

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Interested? Fill out the form below, email cv@ten-percent.co.uk or call 0800 246 5016.

For further details of our business broker services, please visit https://www.JonathanFagan.co.uk.