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We specialise in the sale and purchase of small high street accountant firms, usually within a range of £50k turnover through to £2 million. How do we differ from other business brokers? We don’t charge the seller any fees.

Drop us an email over – no obligation and no upfront fees; we can advertise your practice at no cost on our site and in our weekly email updates to accountancy practices and potential buyers.

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Ref 100223 Specialist Practice for Sale or Merger

Accountancy practice with niche specialisms in taxation looking for a sale, merger or buy in. Turnover c.£320k, net profit c.33%. Fully remote office structure – 450 national clients. Clients solely from referral  – no advertising costs. Average age of clients is 43, mainly Xero based, staff team remaining including senior management. Owner will remain for smooth transition as required.

500148Accountant looking to invest in an accountancy practice in the London area. Up to £1 million in cash and financing available.
500147Bristol firm looking to take on another company with staff ideally. Expansion plans
500146Harrow firm of accountants looking to buy a small to meduim firm - aiming at a £200-500k turnover, 2 partner, 2 manager, 7 staff practice. Cash available
500145Chingford based accountants looking to purchase smaller accountancy practices in the area. Looking to expand.
500144Accountant moving out of employment back into practice, looking to purchase a company. London or Hertfordshire locations.
500141Looking to purchase an existing accounting business as a whole or just the client base, either. £1 million max.
500140Looking to purchase accountancy practice or block of fees £500k max.
500138Accountancy practice sought in Leicester. £300k to spend.
500137Looking to purchase an accountancy practice in the Stockton area. Up to £500k.
500136Larger sized accountancy firm looking to make purchases of all sizes up to £1 million. The practice have bought up numerous sized accountancy firms and always in the market for more.
500135Investor looking to buy an accountancy firm around Hertfordshire.
500134Accountant firm looking to purchase firms around the North London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire areas. Expansion plans. £50-150k.
500133Glasgow firm of accountants looking for other firms to acquire or merge in Scotland. All locations considered.
500132Looking to purchase an accountants based in London - wanting to open a branch in the area. Currently based in Surrey. £200k cash available.
500131Accountant based in York looking at making a purchase of an accountancy firm in the Yorkshire area - £50k to spend.
500130Accountant seeking to purchase or join a firm with a view to taking it over. Ideally looking in and around the Portsmouth area but will consider further afield.
500129Essex firm of accountants looking to purchase fees in the Essex, North London, East London and Norfolk areas.
500128Accountant firm in Croydon looking to purchase practices with a sale price of up to £100k. Will consider practices or block fees anywhere in the UK.
500120Two investors based in Ireland and the other in South Wales. Geographically flexible on where they end up. They are bankers and have a model to test out - looking to purchase an accountancy practice.
500119Croydon Accountant looking to purchase practices in South London or relocatable. Up to £60k initial cash figure available.
500118Accountant, FCCA, based in Berkshire and looking to get a partner on board to do a join venture.
500116Accountant looking for a practice/block of fees for purchase in the South Wales area (Cardiff).
500112Accountants based in the North West looking for practices within 40 miles of Chester.
500110Accountants looking to purchase a practice in Liverpool - wanting one with a turnover of between £50 and £125k.
500109Accountants looking to purchase practices or block fees under £400k in the Home Counties or the bottom half of Greater London. £250k value.
500108ACCA Accountant with small business looking to purchase a smaller sized accountancy practice in Greater London.
500107Accountants looking to purchase any small accountancy practice within the M25.
500106Accountant looking to purchase a small practice in Greater London.
500105Accountant looking to purchase practices within 40 miles of Wilmslow, Cheshire.
500104Accountants based in Buckinghamshire with over 20 years trading to date, looking to acquire small practices in the High Wycombe area and further afield into West London, Middlesex, Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire. Looking at practices with up to c.£250k turnover.
500103Accountant looking to buy an accountancy practice around the Streatham SW16 or Croydon CR7 areas.
500102Accountancy practice based in the North London and Watford areas looking for opportunities to purchase accountancy practices. Happy to look at options across the UK.
500101Accountancy practice looking to buy a practice up to £350k GRF or blocks of fees. Preferred geographical area is Bournemouth/Poole, ideally portable, and also interested in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Basingstoke. Small but expanding practice and primary software presently CCH, Xero and Quickbooks.

We offer a unique approach to buying, selling and merging accountancy firms. TP Recruitment Limited charges no upfront fees for making introductions for the sale, purchase or merger of an accountancy practice. The buying party contracts with us to pay a success fee if a deal occurs. The seller pays no fees at all. We are business brokers (as well as recruitment consultants) and have been working with accountants on sales, purchases and mergers for a number of years.

There are very few professional services available to assist accountants in buying, selling and merging firms at a reasonable rate and on a no-sale no-fee basis. One professional sales consultant charges £2,500 + VAT simply to consider your sale or merger before even progressing to advertising it – and then charges a percentage fee on top if successful. Others charge £500 to include your accountancy practice in a list on their website. We think this is unfair and unnecessary – you don’t pay an estate agent to sell your house before she has found you any buyers..why pay a business broker?

Valuations are best done when anyone is ready to consider purchasing your firm, but usually it is a fairly straightforward process – turnover, net profit, recurring fees, number of clients, types of clients and value of assets. The price anyone else will pay varies widely according to the practice in question.. – the location, the assets, the types of client you have, the number of staff you have working at the firm.

Drop us an email – what have you got to lose?

NB: if you don’t want to identify your firm simply email us from a gmail or hotmail account (or similar). We can advertise your sale or purchase proposal to over 7,000 accountancy firms and add you to our regular updates.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. All parties sign confidentiality undertakings.
  2. We agree terms with the buyer.
  3. The buyer is provided with further information about the practice for sale.
  4. The parties meet or speak about plans and proposals. These can be as varied as the partners/directors of the selling firm joining the buyer’s practice or the sellers accepting a lump sum in cash to exit the business.
  5. A deal is reached. The buyer pays us an introduction fee. This varies according to the sale/purchase in question. The seller pays no fee.

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